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Recent Articles

Virtual Academics redefines study of Traditional Math

In today's world, people expect their children to score good marks rather than making the child understand the subject and score good marks as well. Mathematics has always been considered as the enemy of child as well of parents. This is because a child or a parent does not understand the subject; instead they are mugging it up. And that is the problem with Traditional math. Traditional math does Read More...

Why I Like The Peoples Program

The Peoples Program is one of the best cash gifting activities around online or offline! Now that may sound a little cocky, but please allow me to outline for you the reasons why I like The Peoples Program and why I think it's a must for those who are new to cash gifting as well as for veterans. Stability: The Peoples Program (also known as TPP) started back in 2008 and is quickly approaching its Read More...

What Works Academics or Character Education

Before probing the question of "What works?" in Character education, it may well be helpful to assess some of the disparagements of the movement. The addition of Character education curriculum has at times been a dilemma for schools, often reflecting conflicting philosophical points of consideration about principles and morality that have been argued for centuries. Ethical relativism holds that mo Read More...

Derek Elliott The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

The entrepreunership is some force which inspires people to leave behind certainity to pursue their vision through creativity and entrepreneurship? The heart of the entrepreneurship includes, imagination, creativity, novelty, and sensitivity. Thus it could be called as the spirit of entrepreneurship, a spirit that involves the ability to handle the experimental nature of entrepreunerial activity. Read More...